New music, new thoughts og a new cup // 30.06.13

Yesterday( A few minutes ago ^^") it was just one month left until I turn 18. Wii? Ofcouse, but also mixed feelings again. But, but.. x) Over to something more positive and not so deep :3 Kamii sent me the name to one of the bands she listen to, Of monster and men, so I searched them up on Spotify and got recomended a few other bands aswell. I'm listening to them now and there are alot of songs that will become my favs ^w^ Need to update my itune songs. I feel also that I have got a new way of thinking, not exactly a revolutionary new way of thinking, but I've been a bit more spontaneous and look at things differently. For example schoolwork, yes we have some work this summer if you want to make it easier for youself before the fall. It is this type of text in the course history, I will write about the witch persecution in the 1500's, but has not exactly started yet. Ofcouse I should, knowing me I would regret it strongly if I waited until last minute. Thats one thing I need to change, my procrastination on everything. I know that the summer hollyday has just started, but I feelpressure already and that it will soon be at an again. I wont write much this time and there wont be many pictures at all. There will come a picture of my beatuful new cup. when I manage to remember to take a picture of it. I got it from my sister. She went too Denmark with the corps shes in and she brought back a present for me. A small, blue cup with my full name; Marie Louise <3 use it for everything now ^////^ Also we are finelly moving on with my bathroom. My dad and I went to look on tiles yesterday and we will deside with one to get etc on monday. Looking forward to that, also I'm hoping to start my driving training asap. There is alot I want to get done this summer. (Reach lvl 60 atleast on Fiesta Online, sew a few things, reading, working on math and chemestry, making some covers and vidios for my channel on YouTube and alot more ^^" ) I should make a check list ><"

<picture will soon come here>

New fav song that make me happy

The Civil War - I've got this friend

I would love to do a cover on it, maybe together with Kamii ? ^w^

- Marie Louise

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