I know its been long ... // 23.02.13

So hi ? I desided to make this one in English. Hurray !

So what have happened? I'm gonna tell you,
alot, alot since last time that is. Last entry was about ... "need to check* ... my English assigment and guess what .. I got a 5- on that assigment :D !!!
Now I'm working on the next english task, its an oral presentation and its going to be about my written task :) Simple you may say, but no, it is not. First of all I do not know how I'm going to start it and second I need to get done by tomorrow. Well I dont need to be done tomorrow, but I want to. Then I only need to remember everything and practise until wedensday. Perfect! One problem though, its not done yet ( I'm not even finnished with half) So right now I'm taking a break from staring at the paper :) Oh and guess what, I got some nice and silly pictures today :D

Lets starts by telling you what happened the 4 - 8 of fabruary. I went too Iceland togheter with almost the whole 2VGS (realfag) from St.Olav VGS! It was lots of fun and sore feet (a lot of walking) I'm not going to tell you all about it, instead I'm going to show you some pictures.

OK next thing was the winter holyday, not much other than some school work getting done and earning some money :D I worked 3 days in a row, but it was'nt that bad and I earned extra money for this month. But the 15 of february I went out too watch "Les Miserables" together with Kiri. We meet up around 12 and walked around in the city before the movie started. It was awesome to spent some time with her again. We also went to the new opened fabric store, Stoff&Stil ! <3 I adore that store aaaand I have fallen in love. Im looking forward to buy what I need for my Twilight Sparkle costume :3 And again I wont tell you about everything that happened, but show pictures :D

Thanks for an awesome day Kiri <3

Next big happening was me talking alot with Suzu on skype I think. Well no pictures there, but news and plans for the future when she come home from England :3
We are going to have a show on youtube, the name will be "Tea Party Madness: Exploring" Its simply going to be about us trying diffrent kinds of food/drinks that we never have tasted before. All for you entertaiment, ( and we are going to do this because fun and lots of free time in the summer holyday xD) More information on this will come later ^w^

Lets see, I guess we have today left.
Today Kamii and I went to a beach, here in Norway ofcouse, and we joined dancing for "Norways largest Halem Shake video"
It was very amusing ^^"
Kamii dressed up as Taiwan and I Denmark from Hetalia. There were alot of crazy people there ( some was just wearing a speedo, must be freezing) The video is already up on youtube ofcouse ^^ Utterly pointless, but massively fun to watch ;D (I think) We were dancing behinde the red wig to the right side :3 It is not vey easy to see us, but I think we were the only ones dancing together hand in hand.

And now it's back to working on my oral presentation ^w^

- Miyako

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23.02.2013 kl.23:09

greenvilla: Fin blogg :)


23.03.2013 kl.16:15

Hermann: Takk ^^

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17, Stavanger

Eg hette Marie Louise og komme fra gode gamle Stavanger <3 Eg starta for ca 1 r siden med Cosplay'ing. Sk det opp om du lure. Blir litt blder av det her inne + alt annet jeg nsker legge til :3 PS: Kan finne p skriva innleggene p Engelsk til tider. With Love Miyako ( <-- Nickname )