New music, new thoughts og a new cup // 30.06.13

Yesterday( A few minutes ago ^^") it was just one month left until I turn 18. Wii? Ofcouse, but also mixed feelings again. But, but.. x) Over to something more positive and not so deep :3 Kamii sent me the name to one of the bands she listen to, Of monster and men, so I searched them up on Spotify and got recomended a few other bands aswell. I'm listening to them now and there are alot of songs that will become my favs ^w^ Need to update my itune songs. I feel also that I have got a new way of thinking, not exactly a revolutionary new way of thinking, but I've been a bit more spontaneous and look at things differently. For example schoolwork, yes we have some work this summer if you want to make it easier for youself before the fall. It is this type of text in the course history, I will write about the witch persecution in the 1500's, but has not exactly started yet. Ofcouse I should, knowing me I would regret it strongly if I waited until last minute. Thats one thing I need to change, my procrastination on everything. I know that the summer hollyday has just started, but I feelpressure already and that it will soon be at an again. I wont write much this time and there wont be many pictures at all. There will come a picture of my beatuful new cup. when I manage to remember to take a picture of it. I got it from my sister. She went too Denmark with the corps shes in and she brought back a present for me. A small, blue cup with my full name; Marie Louise <3 use it for everything now ^////^ Also we are finelly moving on with my bathroom. My dad and I went to look on tiles yesterday and we will deside with one to get etc on monday. Looking forward to that, also I'm hoping to start my driving training asap. There is alot I want to get done this summer. (Reach lvl 60 atleast on Fiesta Online, sew a few things, reading, working on math and chemestry, making some covers and vidios for my channel on YouTube and alot more ^^" ) I should make a check list ><"

<picture will soon come here>

New fav song that make me happy

The Civil War - I've got this friend

I would love to do a cover on it, maybe together with Kamii ? ^w^

- Marie Louise

Im sorry I have neglected you! // 07.06.13

It has been a long time since the last entry and for that I'm sorry. How many times now have I started an entry by saying I'm sorry? I guess I'm not so good at this blog thing. First off what am I support to write about? My life and thoughts I guess. But whenever I write something I end up thinking: why do I write this, would anyone care, would people thing I'm stupid or lame?. Maybe many people have these kinds of thoughts more than once while they write on there blog or other places like Facebook or Tumbler. So what do you want to read about? Well I guess you want to read what ever I write since you have found your way to my blog. So I better just write what I want, but don't fret, I will keep some sort of red thread.

Since it has been a while, I want to write a little about my blog and myself. I'm not starting this blog all over, I'm just starting a new chapter. I mean each time I write a new entry on a new day that?s like turning the page. Right? and change is good :) Now I'm going to assume you do not know anything about me, not a single breadcrumb so bear with me. Maybe you find out something you did not know at all.

My name is Marie Louise and I'm 17 years old turning 18 in less than two months. Different feelings there. 1: I'm looking forward to be able to go out with my friends, get more responsibility. but 2: I'm struggling with the thought of being an "adult" and not having the same sort of support from mom and dad. I mean the money I earn are all over the place >w< Hopefully I will learn have to make my money last until the next payment day xD I?m called Miyako meaning midnight child or a child born after midnight in Japanese if I remember correctly. I?m also called just Marie. I live in Stavanger, Norway and the source to my blog name: GreenVilla is that my house is kind of big and it was green before. Now my house is a warm grey color, but it is still nice ofc ^w^I?m soon done with my second year on St. Olav Vgs and I?m happy I only have one (hard) year left before further studies.

I?m not what people would connect as beautiful, but I like how I look. Ofc there are parts off my body I would change and with a bit of will power I could change them easily I believe. I?m 1.59 cm tall, I like to change how I look by changing my hair length and color. Here are some pictures over the last years. I started by changing my hair color and then tried out new hairstyles.

And This is me now (need to cut my bangs again ^^)

As you can see I love to transform into a ?new person?. Maybe that?s why I fell in love with the hobby: Cosplay. For those who do not know, cosplay is a word composed of two different words. Costume and Play. When you have cosplay as a hobby you dress up as characters from movies, series, comics, manga, anime and games. You basically express your fandom a bit further than others normally would :) It?s like Halloween everyday xD I started Cosplaying the 4 of May 2011. It was the first FCBD I went to and it was my first convention. Since then I have been to conventions like Metrocon and FCBD in Stavanger and Desucon and Coscon in Oslo. I have started making my own costumes and so far I have made three full costumes. And for Metrocon 2013 in Stavanger/Sandnes I will attempt to make the costume to Wiccan from the comic Young Avengers. So far I have just made skirts, vests and a jacket. I look forward to try making something I have no experience in, but I?m afraid it will look weird on me ^w^? Anyway more information on that costume will come later in another entry. Connecting to people in the cosplay community is fairly easy and everyone is open and friendly. It?s an awesome community and since I started I have joined the cosplay group PON-cosplay. I think we are nine or ten members and every one is so awesome and creative! You should visit N1njaG1rl?s YouTube channel. Our videos are published there. :D

I?m very interested in Japanese culture and I believe that?s what started my interest in the cosplay hobby. I?m trying to teach myself Japanese, but wow its hard xD I can introduce myself and say random words, but not connect them to whole sentences. Other hobby?s I would like to mention is Karate. I managed to take 5 kyu while I was still active in the sport, and for those who are not known about the belt rate that?s the first blue belt. The belt colours are white, white with yellow stripe, orange, green, 1st blue, 2nd blue, then 4 brown and last there are 10 black belts. There are three more grads, but very few people in history have received those last three titles in karate. I would love to start train karate again, but because of school I had to pause my training. Before changing the theme again I want to mention my awesome mother who will in just 1-week attempt to take 1. Dan. The first black belt! I?m so proud, but I?m also jealous because I was the first in my family (except my father, who trained karate a bit when he was young) to start training and introduced my mother to the sport. Anyway, You go mom! You can do it :D !

I have an amazing family and very good friends. People living in my house are my father, my mother, my twin younger sisters and our dog Tara Maki. My mom and dad are the best. Sure we can disagree, but I love them and would not ever replace them. My sisters can be a pain sometimes, but I guess in a good way xD I love them and they are so special to me. My dog is the weirdest creature I have known. She is a mixed breed and I would say she is the baby in the house. We treat her like a dog ofc, but she acts like a baby and she do stupid, but brilliant stuff all the time. My best friends are Kaja, Kamii (Kaja) and Suzu (Silje). They are so amazing and being with them make me learn how to approve myself and make myself better. :) Love you!

There are so much more I could write about myself, but I will end this entry after giving a short summery on what my blog will contain in the future. In short I will write about my everyday life when something I see fit write about happens, I will write about my future cosplay plans and the work I do to get ready to the next convention. I also make videos on YouTube so subscribe to theGreenVilla if you want and find the contant interesting. I will also write about future video pland and behind the scenes here. I guess that?s it.. for now that is ^^?

So good night, sleep tight and I will hopefully write soon

- Marie

I know its been long ... // 23.02.13

So hi ? I desided to make this one in English. Hurray !

So what have happened? I'm gonna tell you,
alot, alot since last time that is. Last entry was about ... "need to check* ... my English assigment and guess what .. I got a 5- on that assigment :D !!!
Now I'm working on the next english task, its an oral presentation and its going to be about my written task :) Simple you may say, but no, it is not. First of all I do not know how I'm going to start it and second I need to get done by tomorrow. Well I dont need to be done tomorrow, but I want to. Then I only need to remember everything and practise until wedensday. Perfect! One problem though, its not done yet ( I'm not even finnished with half) So right now I'm taking a break from staring at the paper :) Oh and guess what, I got some nice and silly pictures today :D

Lets starts by telling you what happened the 4 - 8 of fabruary. I went too Iceland togheter with almost the whole 2VGS (realfag) from St.Olav VGS! It was lots of fun and sore feet (a lot of walking) I'm not going to tell you all about it, instead I'm going to show you some pictures.

OK next thing was the winter holyday, not much other than some school work getting done and earning some money :D I worked 3 days in a row, but it was'nt that bad and I earned extra money for this month. But the 15 of february I went out too watch "Les Miserables" together with Kiri. We meet up around 12 and walked around in the city before the movie started. It was awesome to spent some time with her again. We also went to the new opened fabric store, Stoff&Stil ! <3 I adore that store aaaand I have fallen in love. Im looking forward to buy what I need for my Twilight Sparkle costume :3 And again I wont tell you about everything that happened, but show pictures :D

Thanks for an awesome day Kiri <3

Next big happening was me talking alot with Suzu on skype I think. Well no pictures there, but news and plans for the future when she come home from England :3
We are going to have a show on youtube, the name will be "Tea Party Madness: Exploring" Its simply going to be about us trying diffrent kinds of food/drinks that we never have tasted before. All for you entertaiment, ( and we are going to do this because fun and lots of free time in the summer holyday xD) More information on this will come later ^w^

Lets see, I guess we have today left.
Today Kamii and I went to a beach, here in Norway ofcouse, and we joined dancing for "Norways largest Halem Shake video"
It was very amusing ^^"
Kamii dressed up as Taiwan and I Denmark from Hetalia. There were alot of crazy people there ( some was just wearing a speedo, must be freezing) The video is already up on youtube ofcouse ^^ Utterly pointless, but massively fun to watch ;D (I think) We were dancing behinde the red wig to the right side :3 It is not vey easy to see us, but I think we were the only ones dancing together hand in hand.

And now it's back to working on my oral presentation ^w^

- Miyako

Engelsk prosjekt skal leveres inn Fredag ! // 29.01.13

Jeg ligger enn ikke tynt ann d :3 God tid ;D 3 dager :3 - 4,5 t p torsdag for d jobbe eg ^^" ...

Uansett s e eg ferdi me den ene tingen i oppgaven :3 Jeg har valgt skrive om temaet; Illegal Trade og om organisjonen WWF, dermed bestemte eg meg for mala et bilde som var litt symbolsk ^^" Etter 3 t er bildet ferdig og slik ser det ut:

Vett ikkje om det e s lett se ka eg tenkte nr eg malte dette, men kan prve forklare litt ^^ Eg malte et nesehorm og en elefant ettersom de blir ofte drept av krypskyttere for f hornene dems, alts ivory'en. Det kan se ut som et fredelig bilde men i bakgrunnen er det 3 svarte skikkelser ved trrna som skal da reprsentere krypskyttere. P selvedyrene er det ogs sr og litt blod i 'starten' av hornene. P baken til nesehornet har jeg ogs malt et slags bur-ish ting som skal representere at selv om de gr fritt rundt om kring s er de aldr trygge selv om omrdet er fredet. :3 Det var mer eller mindre det eg tenkte nr eg malte :3

Men n m eg tilbake til skrive og finne fakta :3


Matte og bento // 22.01.12

I dag hadde me matte prve om potenser, logaritmer og funksjoner. Det e egentli et tema eg e ok i, vertfall potenser og logaritmer, men p prven gikk alt galt av det som kan skje -.- Gjennom hele prven har jeg regnet med en kalkulator som jeg ikke hadde skrudd av "plot" p. En funksjon som delegger alt om du skal regne et annet stykke enn det den er beregnet for. Det var frst nr prven var ferdi eg ble mindt p det. Desuten er dte vel en norm at de oppgavene du jobber med hjemme og de du fr p prver skal vre anderledes. Alltid skal oppgaver p prver vere 3 hakk vanskeligre, eller s skal lsningen vere veeeldig sjult. S meste parten gikk jo til ve og eg va s stolt over f til oppgavene... men men neste gang? Kanskje det gr bedre da? Fr hpe det for tentamen kommer jo om ikke s lenge. Imellomtiden er det mye annet som skjer som fr det vertfall til fles ut som at det ikke er s lenge til. Skulle nske jeg bare fikk ting til med en gang, til tider fles det ut som om eg jobbe dobbelt s mye som en annen person ville ha gjordt. TT^TT

I tillegg til ve i gr fikk eg laget 2 bentobokser til i dag :3 P en mte fikk eg overtat Kamii til bli me p pen dag p skolen ^^" The power of food ! >:D Eg tror me ska snakka med de som komme og fortella om International English og kos det e ta kurset :) Slik ser bentoen ut foresten:

P menyen i dag er det ris m/ Chop Suey Biff. Wokede minimais, bambuskudd og squash. I tilegg er det tomater og sukker erter :3 Greit lite mltid ;*

Akurat n sitter eg p skolen og jobbe med et prosjekt i engelsken. Finner fakta om WWF, mens eg hre p musikk ~<3 Her ska eg alts d sitta frem te kl 18 -.-" Eg kan ikkje dra hjem for d blir det nesten snu i dren :P Hpe f gjordt meg ferdi med en liten del av engelsk prosjektet d :3

- Marie

Flte meg veldig produktiv i gr // 20.01.13

Frste innlegg dette her i 2013 ? Off da litt sent ^w^" ~

Uansett fra Fredag til Lrdag hadde jeg Kamii p besk. Vi jobbet for det meste med matte og senere spilte vi litt Fiesta Online fr vi la oss. Jeg forstr mer av matten vertfall n, vi skal ha prve p tirsdag om potenser, logaritmer og funkjsoner tror eg ^w^ Potenser er ok, logaritmer er ok selv om det er litt verre om det komme inn kombinasjoner av alle reglene og funkjsoner fr jeg bare ikke til ><" Meg og Kalkulatoren er ikke venner, den vil ikkje visa meg det eg trenge >< S akkurat n ( tatt en liten pause da) sitter jeg regner matte fra blanda oppgaver i boken :3

Kamii regner matte og hjelpe meg ~<3 Arigat Kamii-Chan <3

Men over til ka overskriften handler om: I gr fikk jeg gjordt vertfall 2 ting som jeg leeeeenge har planlagt ftt gjordt :D + en ting til. Jeg fikk sydd poseholderen til mamma som vi kjpte stoff til i sep-okt ca ifjor og s fikk jeg sydd p en krage p genseren jeg kjpte i romjulen ifjor :D Ogs har jeg bakt sm kaker som blei super ste >w< (og gode ~ <3)

Poseholderen <3

En plain svart, myk genser fra NewYorker. 150 kr ble til en svart, myk genser med en syper st lace-krage. Gragen gr hele veien rundt.

Bilde; 1: kuttet opp i biter. 2: lagt p brettet. 3: Det ble 37 smker til sammen p 2 brett xD + 4 stjerner av reste deig. 4: Snn s di ut ferdig stekt i 12 min :D

Hurra, mange bilder i dag ! :D

- Marie

Pakke i posten // 17.12.12

I dag kom endelig pakken jeg bestilte i starten av oktober. Egentli kom ikke min pakke, den orginale, men den samme bestillingen ble sendt p ny. Grunnen te va det at den forrige ble borte fr den kom til Norge ^__^" Men har baggen min n :D

Det str "Urusai", betyr: Shut up p japansk.

Ogs fikk jeg med et "takk for at du handlet" kort pluss en til ^^" Slik s de ut:

Itilegg kjpte jeg til sammen 5 pins :3 Lner bildene av de fra gesshoku sine sider, siden bildene ble ikke akkurat s fine.

nske meg enn mange flere av de pin'ene de har p den siden ~<3 Eksempler:

De e s fine ^///^ koste 2 Dollar pr.stk

~ Miyako

Kort i posten // 16.12.12

I dag gikk jeg ut i posten fordi jeg hadde glemt det p Fredag og der fant jeg en gul konfolutt adressert til meg fra
Jeg ble litt overasket og lurte volsomt p ka det kunne ver. Det va rett slett et jule kort der det stod:

"Dear: Marie Louise H*******
Thank you for your support all along the way.
Wishing you a Happy Christmas and to hope the New Year too.
Hope santa bring you just what you wanted
and all the happiness you could wish for <3 <3"

Det e tillme hndskrevet og ste tegninger inni kortet ! :D God Service !!

Beklage drli bilde kvalitet. Orker ikke finne frem kameraet, brukte heller kameraet p pc'en. ^^" (ogs ble alt omvendt)

~ Miyako

Endelig Jobb // 12.11.12

Eg jobbe n fast p konditoriet p Mariero <3 Det er en kjempe koselig jobb og jeg elsker den. Har ikke kjedet meg i det hele tatt. N kan jeg endelig sette av fast belp til sparing :3

Nr det kommer til skole tror jeg at jeg har sjerpet meg. Ikke det at jeg ikke jobbet godt med skole fra fr, men tenker mer p de fagene som jeg mer eller midre har gitt opp som Spansk. Imorgen i studietimen skal jeg g p en ekstra undervisning/hjelp i spansk av fri vilje. Ogs skal jeg f starte trent litt igjen ^^ (Lett jogging, styrke)

I det siste har jeg tenkt mer og mer p skole, n; jobb og jeg har insett at jeg nrmer meg den alderen da jeg kansje kommer til flytte ut. Litt skummelt ^^" Men fr det m jeg srge for at jeg kommer meg gjennom VGS. Fag jeg absolutt m jobbe mer med er spansk og kjemi. Har komt litt bak i kjemien, det er s forvirrende ^3^ Men har flinke Siri som kan hjelpe meg om det trengs. Tentamen i Kjemi nermer seg fort da, den skal vre den 6. des tror eg. Tiden gr fort!

P Fredag som var dro meg, Kaja, Kamii og Victoria p Rogaland Teater for se SONNY. Meg og Kaja har allerede sett stykket, vi s det i fjor. S n har jeg ftt stor dill p Kaizers Orchestra igjen <3
Ogs skal jeg snart f klipt meg igjen, eller f panneluggen tilbake og stusse litt i nakken. Tenkt ogs farge det litt mrkere, fordi vinter ^w^

Beklager ingen bilder, hadde tatt noen nylig... men kameraet mitt leker gjemsel p rommet ;3


K-On - A Boring Sunday // 30.10.12

- Miyako <3

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